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SiteSpeed v2.15

SiteSpeed is a PHP script for your website. It will measure the speed of your website and displays the results in 7 comprehensive graphs. How long do your visitors have to wait? Is your webserver becoming slower? Are your pages too big? Is your website fast even for remote visitors? Install SiteSpeed and find out.

  • Website speed measurement
  • Easy to use
  • 7 comprehensive graphs
  • 3-year data history
  • Build-in unique/reload recognition
  • Logfile can be accessed
  • Free!
 * Example
See the actual live statistics of this website as an example.
 * Download and install
Download SiteSpeed and installation instructions.
 * FAQ
SiteSpeed's frequently asked questions. Do you have a question? Please check this list before sending email.
 * Support
Have you noticed a problem, or do you have a question or a suggestion for an improvement? Please let me know, I appreciate it!

What is SiteSpeed?

SiteSpeed is a program you can add to your website. It will measure how long it takes your visitors to download a page, automatically and unobtrusively. Part of the measurement system is a small icon that becomes visible on your page, the SiteSpeed icon.

When a user visits your page then a timer will start ticking on the computer of the user, and the user will see the static SiteSpeed icon. The timer will stop when the entire webpage has been loaded by the user's browser. The elapsed time is calculated and stored in a logfile on your server.

If everything is in order (the SiteSpeed program on your server has stored the measurement) then the icon will start animating. You can click the icon to see your statistics.

If something is wrong (SiteSpeed could not save the measurement in the logfile) then the icon will blink "error" in red. Most likely the scripts do not have write-access. See the Installation Instructions for more information.