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YourSpeed v3.7

 * Quickstart
Measure your downloadspeed, uploadspeed, surfspeed, and latency.

 * Options
Select which measurements you want to run and select options.
 * Repeat
Repeat the measurements with the same settings as last time (requires cookies).
 * QuickStart MaxSpeed
Run the MaxSpeed measurement.
 * QuickStart SurfSpeed
Run the SurfSpeed measurement.

 *  Download Java
GetJava Download Button

 * Statistics
All measurements are collected in statistics, per country and globally, so you can compare your speed with the average speed of other internet users in your country, and worldwide.
 * Top 100
Top 100 of the fastest users, ordered by download speed, upload speed, surfing speed, or latency.
 * Newest 100
The last 100 measurements (all users). If you do a measurement it will show up in this list immediately. There is also a personal history, but that is only visible just after you have done a measurement.
 * F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions.
 * Your country
The measurement automatically determines in which country you are and shows the relevant statistics for you. How is it done?
 * Image list
The SurfSpeed measurement uses deeplinked images (logo's) from websites all over the world. Check this list for more information about the images. You can also submit corrections, and you can submit new websites.