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YourSpeed v3.7

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How fast is your internet connection? Measure your download speed, upload speed, and surfing speed inside and outside your country with this fast and easy to use measurement.     

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Measure MaxSpeed
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Measure SurfSpeed
Argentina (2)
Australia (11)
Austria (4)
Barbados (2)
Belarus (1)
Belgium (3)
Brazil (13)
Bulgaria (2)
Canada (4)
Chile (2)
China (27)
Cyprus (1)
Czech Republic (37)
Denmark (21)
Estonia (5)
Finland (17)
France (11)
Germany (22)
Greece (15)
Hong Kong (14)
India (2)
Indonesia (1)
Israel (25)
Italy (24)
Japan (33)
Latvia (1)
Mexico (1)
Netherlands (18)
New Zealand (2)
Norway (15)
Poland (11)
Portugal (5)
Republic Of Korea (28)
Romania (1)
Russian Federation (28)
Saudi Arabia (4)
Serbia And Montenegro (1)
Singapore (6)
Slovakia (6)
Spain (13)
Sri Lanka (2)
Sweden (19)
Taiwan (18)
Turkey (14)
Ukraine (1)
United Kingdom (10)
United States (48)
Uruguay (2)
Venezuela (2)
Arabic (17)
Bulgarian (1)
Cantonese (29)
Chinese (58)
Croatian (1)
Czech (47)
Danish (22)
Dutch (24)
English (82)
Estonian (5)
Finnish (21)
French (27)
German (34)
Greek (26)
Hebrew (25)
Italian (28)
Japanese (42)
Korean (31)
Latvian (2)
Norwegian (20)
Polish (16)
Portuguese (29)
Russian (36)
Serbian (2)
Slovak (3)
Spanish (40)
Swedish (19)
Turkish (14)
Screen layout: 41 frames 5 frames
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MaxSpeed measures your maximum download and upload speed towards this server. The measurement is ultra fast, and the results are much less influenced by geographical distance than other down/upload speed measurements on the internet.
SurfSpeed measures your average surfing speed to a set of websites. It simulates normal surfing behaviour by fetching small images (logo's) from the websites, and is heavily influenced by distance and latency. The average of all the micro-measurements is a very good (quantitative) representation of the (subjective) internetspeed as you experience it.
Top100, countries, languages
The system contains a large database of websites that can be measured. Select the countries and languages that most closely match your daily surfing. The results from the measurement will then most closely match your surfing speed as you experience it.
Note: you may be surprised by the websites being measured, because websites that are geographically located in your country are not necessarily in your language, and websites in your language are not necessarily located in your country.
This setting determines how long the measurement will run before the final results are presented. Results will be more accurate if you allow the measurement to run longer.
Screen layout
The measurement uses 41 frames in a single window. Some browsers cannot handle that many frames, such as Explorer on Windows CE. In that case you can still measure your speed by selecting 5 frames.
If you leave the results-window open (possibly minimized) then the measurement will automatically execute again after this time. Very handy to run the measurement unattended.
Tip: The measurement looks best if you  * maximize your window (full-screen) first.